Well, the day started out well. We all met at Colony, got on a bus, and drove about ten minutes to Crevasse Maraine. Which, If you don't know is famous for large sledding hills and for people finding finding puddles of blood in the snow. However, as it is still fall, no one was rushed to the hospital due to injury.

Anyway, our team walked the course, warmed up, and  the girls lined up at the start. The guy fired the pistol and we ran. A few people dominoed, creating a hurtle effect. Anyway, the very beginning of the trail was a hill. The biggest hill on the course. And the path was narrow. So the really fast kids were elbowing their way up while the slow kids were already losing their breath. A completely terrifying picture when you realize there were 119 of us running.

So me and Elyssa got to the top of the hill, and we were fine. Perhaps a tad winded, but fine. We were running. Elissa got a few steps ahead of me by sliding through a gap in the masses. Unfortunately that gap was closed directly after and I was stuck two girls behind. But that was okay, I mean, I'd get through eventually.

And so we got to the first big down-hill slope 1/4 mile in. It was pretty big. The coaches had been warning us on the walk-through to lean forward, not back on them. So I confidently leaned forward and started down the hill. About halfway down I landed on a rock. Which really would have been fine if the rock hadn't moved, I hadn't fallen, and my ankle hadn't twisted and rolled all at the same time.

And like so I limped/ran another 1.5 miles. I hopped a la one foot for a ways. I watched almost all of my team pass me, and in shame kept at it. BTW it is NOT easy to hop up-hill on one foot! And like so I hopped my way into 91st.

I'm just saying, but this does not bode well for future Meets.

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    December 2011




    Lauren DW Luchsinger Fox lives with her family in Alaska where she enjoys hiking, fishing, and spending time camping off the road system.  She also enjoys running, ice skating, and playing ultimate frisbee.